Independência Stadium

Mostly known as “Independência”, Raimundo Sampaio Stadium has been considered one of the most important legacies of Belo Horizonte. Initially built to the 1950 World Cup, the stadium was the perfect stage for remarkable international and national matches.


The history of Stadium Independência and its site on the Horto region has long been a contentious one. Indeed, at the beginning of 2010, a major refurbishment work was started at the existing stadium to bring it in line with new modern-arena requirements. With over R$ 125 million worth of investments, América played its first game in the new-look 25,000 all-seater stadium in a friendly against Argentino Juniors on April, 25, 2012.


In addition, there are nearly 422 parking spaces, 32 concessionaries for food, 18 radio and TV booth, 72 work stations, press conference room, and approximately 2,200 premium seats. As a result, Arena Independência is not only an exceptional sports complex for athletes, but it has also become a renowned venue in the greater Belo Horizonte for entertainment, exhibitions and conventions.


Stadium Directions:


Training Center – Lanna Drumond

Lanna Drumond Training Center is located on Pampulha (Belo Horizonte's region) and has 58,000 m² for trainings of professional and under-17 teams. There are four fields (three of them in official size), and is currently being doing a great modernization. The first step is already done: the dressing rooms for technical staff and players, the Press Room "Paulo Papini," modern and comfortable, the bars and administrative rooms have been opened.


The second step, in progress, enclose the expanding of bodybuilding gym, physiotherapy and medical department, assembly room, meeting room, laundry, parking, reception and main entrance. The accommodations for the U-17 team are also located in Lanna Drumond Training Center, where is located the Player's House. After purchasing an area of 96,000 m² next to the Training Center, the current director's board is ready to start the expansion of the structure also for the other classes of youth teams, and change Lanna Drumond in one of the most modern Training Center in the country.


Visit Training Center – Lanna Drumond

The Training Center is open for fans to visit the structures of the Club. The supporters must plan the visit on Mondays, from 13h to 14h30, by phone +55 31 3427-1819. The number of visitors is limited and the days are defined according to the programming of Lanna Drumond. School visits will only be scheduled when requested by a teacher or someone officially responsible for the educational institution. Address: Rua Bom Retiro, Nº 13, Bairro Tijuca, Contagem – MG


CLAM - Centro de Lazer do América (Leisure Center)

Meeting point for supporters and memberships, CLAM - Centro de Lazer do América - is located in neighborhood of Ouro Preto, in Pampulha, where also are current located AFC’s management offices. Besides soccer, América has won several championships in swimming, basketball, arm wrestling, volleyball, cycling, soccer, tennis, handball, athletics, and other sports.


The CLAM provides for members leisure, entertainment, physical activities and sports in general. There is an exclusive parking lot and the Club also offers:


- Hall for events;
- Library with over 1,200 books;
- Health and Beauty areas open to outside public with discount for members. There are Beauty Salon and Gym;
- 4 swimming pools - one oval (with a water slide), two pools and a semi-Olympic;
- Children's area: Playground with synthetic grass, wall for painting and instructors for directed activities; 
- Game room: exclusive area for card games and board games;
- Snack bar; 
- Shop;
- Set of sports court
- Official soccer synthetic field 
- Gymnasium with court marks, grandstand, dressing rooms and stage.


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Boulevard Shopping

In direct contact with urban developers, the directors negotiated part of the land that belonged to the club, located on the Avenida dos Andradas, in the neighborhood of Santa Efigênia, to build a shopping center, opened on 26/10/2010. The Boulevard Shopping is a reality. The new mall promises to change the business of Belo Horizonte. The modern project intends to be the new benchmark in shopping center, convenience and leisure in BH, with its innovative style.


The Boulevard Shopping has the second largest area for rent - 42,580 m² - among the shopping centers from Belo Horizonte; 156,000 m² building area, 214 shops and eight floors, with five parking floors - there are more than 2,300 jobs - and three floors of shops; there is a food court with approximately 1,200 seats. The shopping also has great options for leisure and entertainment. There are six digital movie theaters.


Administrative Office

The project will also have a multipurpose commercial tower, where América will install its new administrative office on the first floor, in an area of 909 m². The Club owns a store of 11,000 m² where receives from Hipermercado Carrefour an amount for the lease.


América will also receive an area of 10,000 m², to be used as one parking lot, where the club will receive revenue from monthly fees. In this area will be a number of parking lots exclusively for members of club. Besides these properties, América have the right to receive a percentage of revenue from leasing the project.




Três Barras

The land of Três Barras has approximately 73,000 m² and is located in a beautiful area near the center of Contagem - metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. The region is a unique address to residential projects and/or commercial projects. The area is currently used for soccer schools for kids and amateur teams from Contagem.


The Training Center of Santa Luzia, located 28 km from Belo Horizonte, is residence of players under-13, under-15 and under-17. There is an area about 230,000 m² with comfortable accommodation and good atmosphere. There are two soccer fields, five dressings’ room, industrial laundry, dining room, dormitories, study halls and leisure space. The Training Center also has had, since 1996, the América International School of Soccer.

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